Testing Luck: Common Superstitious Beliefs When in Casinos

Most gamblers believe in superstitions. They ask for signs if they are going to wage again or call it a day. If a black cat walks past them while on their way, they will stop and go home instead. They bet on lucky numbers and avoid the 13th seat. All these things are out of their belief that following the signs will bring them good karma. We will provide a list that you can add to your mythical views.

#1. Wear Red If You Want to Attract Good Fortune

Red in Chinese means wealth. If you are planning to hit the jackpot tonight, wear something red. This belief explains why people fill their homes with red in the New Year. It means prosperity, and it is a magnet for good charm.

#2. Remember the Luck and Not-So-Lucky Numbers

This belief comes from the Western and Eastern parts of the world. Number 13 is quite scary for some because they link it with death and paranormal activities. If you watched the movie 13, you would understand why people skip this number in casinos. Odd numbers are favorable to the Chinese, while number 4 has the same level as 13. Also, try your luck on numbers with 7 and 8. They are the luckiest numbers in the chart.

#3. Blow the Dice because It Welcomes Good Luck

Suppose you get the chance to hold the dice, blow it first before rolling to the table. It means you are asking the gods to favor your wagers. The dice will know who its master is, and it will fall on the number you chose. That is a dramatic way to describe how this belief goes, but some try to do it anyway.

#4. Black is the Opposite of Red

Black is not as lucky as red. Your mother will ask you to change your shirt if you want to win a game. Black, for some, means death, and it may kill your chances of winning. So, if you do not want to risk it, try to avoid this color.

#5. Do Not Gamble If You Broke a Mirror or Any Glasses

This belief dates back to ancient times. Breaking a glass means you have opened a portal for wicked creatures to pass from their world. They would haunt you and will keep on bugging you. Do not gamble if a situation like this happen to you because you might get some losing streaks.

Bottom Line

Superstitious beliefs come from different parts of the globe. They connect to gambling since most games are games of chances. The luckier you are, the higher chances you will hit the jackpot. There is nothing wrong if you take note of these things but never depend on signs and symbols.

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