Name the Player: Five Types of Casino Players

You know you are a resident casino player if people start calling you names. Some might be offensive, while others are quite flattering. Not all people remember your actual name, so they describe you based on who you are in the casino. Do you want to know what player best describes you? Here are some fun and famous monikers you must know.

#1. Money Bags – The One Who Never Runs Out of Money

Who does not want to have their wallets filled with money? These players make sure they always bring some extra cash with them. While they gamble a lot, they also give valuable tips, so casino employees love them. Another thing that keeps them going is the high roller winnings. It seems that the stars of luck are always on their side. This nickname is quite flattering and harmful.

#2. Einstein – The One Who Does Not Know How to Play the Game

Ironically, Einstein is for people who lack the skill of any casino game. While they do not know how’s, they always ask for some attention. Lou Weinstein is a name that pops in this moniker. People like him are rude to employees, spill beers and other drinks to the table, throw gums to the floor, and spits on the waitress. Overall, they are a mess that casinos kick out at the end of the night. They ban them from entering the halls again, and these Einstein players look for other places to disrupt.

#3. Fats – The One Who Loves Eating While Playing Casino Games

This type is quite common in any casino. The name says it all. If you love eating your favorite snack while playing, you fall to this category. You munch any sweet or salty food all the time. While it is a fun activity, please make sure that you are not overeating. We do not want people to get some heart attacks while playing roulette.

#4. Hoverounds – Electric Wheelchairs are their Best Friends

You know that the elders love going to casinos. It is an excellent pastime for people who are 60 years old and above. Some of them keep a healthy lifestyle, while others are suffering from common old-age diseases. It is not new if you see people on their wheelchairs in a casino. The problem with some of them is they block the pathway. Some do not play, and all they do is roam around to look for some good news. The worst thing that could happen is hitting other players resulting in commotions.

#5. Sightseers – The One Who Failed His Attempt at Gambling

Tourists in gambling cities come and go. It is their first time to enter a casino hall for some of them. You know you are this type if you are quite eager on your first night in Las Vegas, only to lose all your allowance on your first try. You end up going around the casino, enjoying the game of others. You spend the rest of your holiday trip sightseeing, instead, and you never enter the casino halls again.


If you are any of these players, it does not matter. Are you the rich one, the fat one, or the elder? Regardless of who you are, what matters most is, you are enjoying your experience unless you are Einstein. We do not tolerate those players.

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