Eye of the kraken

Eye of the Kraken may be a nice casino game but it is far from being the best in town. While there are many who rank it right up there with the likes of Titanadiator and Blackjack, it is not the best of the slot machines out there. Some claim that it is better than some of the newer ones while others love it. To determine if it is, you need to read this Eye of the Kraken review and find out. After all, it is your money that you are risking, why not find out if it is a game worth your time?

Eye of the Kraken slots game is a high-low roller by Play’n Go that operates using a random number generator. In order to determine the outcome of the machine, a random number combination is used that results in a set of three reels. You then spin the reels and match colors until you get a red symbol. Once you do, cash out and you have a new line. When you have three, the next time you spin the reels a random number combination will be used again, this time creating eight paylines. The point is that the more you play, the more likely you are to get a payout.

One of the unique aspects of this slot machine is the bonus features that surround it. At the beginning of every line, you will find a symbol which Eye of the Kraken refers to as “the Eye”. This symbol is where you will place your wager and eyes will follow along until you hit the winning symbol, at which time all eyes will turn towards the screen to watch the symbol and you win! This is quite an easy system to understand and you are treated to a nice visual aid as you complete your winnings. Some of the other symbols which you will find in the bonus include “Bold”, “Glow”, “Clue” and “Paranorma”.

As you play through the video slot machines you will notice that certain symbols stand out from the rest. Sometimes these will be more visible to you and other times it will not. For example, when I am playing a game where the bonus features is on and a second picture appears on the reels I will notice that sometimes it is easier for me to see the glowing symbols on the lighted sides of the reel. These glowy symbols usually signify jackpots and thus are worth more coins when you win.

When you see the “Bold” symbol on the second reel, I always choose to place my money here first over the wild symbol and hope that they both share a payout. After putting my money down for that particular symbol, I am often hit with the wild symbol. At this point, I know that the jackpot is closer than I thought and I have plenty of time left to hit the “Bold” symbol again to finish it off. You might be wondering how this works and how can I win big with the Eye of the Kraken. The short answer is by hitting the bonus symbols, which are usually worth more than coins.

In closing, if you like slot machines and live in New York, New Jersey or any city in the United States, do not pass up the opportunity to try the Eye of the Kraken. This game is located at the World Wide Web site and can be found by searching for “eye of kraken slot machine.” There you will find many different versions of the same game. One of them even has a video showing how to play the game. If you do decide to try this game make sure you use your imagination when trying to guess the different symbols that will pop up on the screen. You do not want to get too frustrated and leave the computer angry because you mistyped a letter of the alphabet!